Does this mark the death of the London property market?

London house prices jumped at a tremendous 11.5 percent year on year in the first quarter of 2016, according to the Nationwide House Price Index, far outstripping the 5.3 percent rise notched up in the U.K. overall. However numerous industry-watchers fear this may be the last hurrah for the capital's residential real estate for a while thanks to the introduction of a brand-new stamp task additional charge on 2nd home or buy-to-let property purchases about custom home building process .

SMEs worst hit by conflict of interest in property offers

Small and medium-sized businesses could be getting a raw offer on their commercial property leases thanks to problems of interest in the UK property market, according to a brand-new report.Researchers at the University of Leeds have presented those duel property agencies those who act for both the tenant and the proprietor often do not keep enough separation in between departments.

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